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Tim's Recommended Guitar Sites
Guitar Shred Show The coolest and most informative lesson in shred guitar ever...free!
The Gear Page A Gear Discussion Website for Musicians
Jazz-Primer.com Free lessons for jazz guitar & theory.
I Breath The Music Super cool informative and instructional articles for guitarists...all free!
tweakheadz.com Free info for producing music on your computer...instructional articles.
Guitar Down Under "Cool free site with nice, easy arrangements for fingerstyle guitar, all in standard notation"
Good Ear "Free ear training site! Identify intervals, chords, scales, and other note relationships."
Steve Vai "Philosophical musings on being a guitarist, from Steve Vai."
Guitar Player TV "Check this out!!! Thanks to Dave G. for hepping me to this way cool site! Click on ""About GPTV"""
JapanShakuHachi.com Great site showing hand stretches for musicains
Amazing Slow Downer Slow's down the play back of music without loosing pitch. Excellent tool for play-along while learning new songs.
Troubadour San Diego Troubadoor. Published Monthly and can be found in guitar stores. Check out calendar for event occuring during the month.
Muscian's Health Recommended hand stretches for guitarists.

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